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Platinum Roofing beats Doc's Braves
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Friday evening was a perfect night for baseball and Platinum Roofing got its night started with a 5-4 win over Doc’s Braves on the Hoover and Millraney Field at McMinnville Civic Center. It could not have been any closer for these two teams as they battled for three innings leaving nothing behind.
Platinum Roofing’s John Gillespie started the top of the first inning off with a solid base hit for a single and was quickly followed by a Noah Bain double. After the first out, Luke Judkins stepped up to the plate and blasted a deep shot for a triple and cleared the bases and took a 2-0 lead in the first. Tyler Self put the ball in play and the defense went for the sure out and allowed Judkins to score for a 3-0 first inning lead.
In the bottom of the first, Nathan Turner got a lead-off single to start the inning in the right direction for Doc’s Braves. Conner Williams and Christian Dunn each singled which allowed Turner to score, but the defense picked up and the two were left stranded on base as out number two and three came after the back-to-back singles.
Colton Young singled in between the outs, but Platinum Roofing had a hard inning and had to return to the field for defense after a short time at the plate. In the bottom of the second, Doc’s Braves added two more runs to the total and locked the score at 3-3 when Jayden Davenport and Joshua Eckel both made quick trips around the infield and after two complete inning the score was all tied at 3-3.
Platinum Roofing did just enough in the top of the third to give them the advantage they needed at the end. Bain and Judkins each scored a second time giving Platinum Roofing the lead at 5-3 before the third out could be made.
Doc’s Braves was down to its last out and for the first time in the game they were feeling the pressure and they gave all they had to give. Williams led off the final at-bat with a homerun to bring the crowd to its feet and the Platinum Roofing lead was one at 5-4. Two singles by Dunn and Maverick Smith would not be enough for Doc’s Braves to pull off the victory and Platinum Roofing won by a final score of 5-4.