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Pioneers stumble against Stars
kaden rutledge 2.jpg
Warren County junior Kaden Rutledge goes up for a layup Tuesday at Siegel High School. The Pioneers unfortunately fell to the Stars on Tuesday and are 7-7 for the season.

The Lady Pioneers were a tough act to follow on Tuesday, and the Siegel High School Stars were a tough team to beat. Despite their best efforts, the Warren County boys fell to Siegel by the same 20-point difference that the girls won, losing 64-44.

Pioneer post Kaden Desmaris was the team’s top scorer with 10. Nate Elrod and Kaden Rutledge each added 8.

The loss evens Warren County’s record at 7-7.

The Stars began the game swinging with Siegel starter Jimmie Snead scoring back-to-back buckets under the goal. The Pioneers fought back with Isaiah Cummings impressively intercepting a pass and Sawyer Seymour making a three to tie 4-4.

The Stars then went on a roll with Siegel’s Isiah Haynes making a 3 and the Siegel defense stealing the ball. With a long 3-pointer at the buzzer by Siegel’s Carter Webb, the Stars doubled the Pioneers score going into the second quarter, 16-8.

In the second quarter, Pioneer Nate Elrod continued to score near the goal. Cummings made a 3 after Treyton Terry faked a jump shot to pass the ball to a ready-to-shoot Cummings. 

Kaden Rutledge made two layups himself by the time Siegel guard Tre’von Bass went on a roll. Bass dunked for a goal after a steal by his teammate who passed ahead to him. The lead grew by halftime, 32-17.

Kaden Desmaris became essential in the third quarter as he was a force around the rim and received subsequent foul shots. The Pioneers were showing promise in the second half with Seymour making another 3 and Rutledge scoring another layup. 

Braylon Grayson was whistled for an intentional foul on Siegel, which set the stage for how the rest of the game played out. Going into the fourth, Warren County was still behind and had major ground to cover.

Back-to-back 3s by Siegel shooters meant the fight got even tougher. With around five minutes left, Seymour took a major fall as he was receiving a pass. 

Chance Hunter shot Seymour’s foul shots for him. He later made a 3 to help, but the lead was too great for the Pioneers to overcome.

Warren County lost to Siegel High School 64-44 after a troubling first half the Pioneers just couldn’t overcome in the second half. 

Warren County -- Kaden Desmaris 10, Nate Elrod 8, Kaden Rutledge 8, Sawyer Seymour 6, Chance Hunter 5, Isaiah Cummings 3, Eli Kuykendall 2, Treyton Terry 2

Siegel -- Top Scorers -- Isiah Haynes 16, Tre’von Bass 15, Mac Moss 14