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Pioneers 1992 state championship team recalls magical run 20 years later
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Ask any current Pioneer baseball player about 1992 and you’ll get a funny look. Ask players and coaches who were involved with the baseball program 20 years ago and you’ll see smiles and hear tales about things which happened so long ago but seem like they happened yesterday to the person telling the story.No current Warren County High School baseball player was alive when the Pioneers last claimed a state championship in 1992, a year when all the stars aligned and a talented group of players used team chemistry and a family bond in the dugout to finish 29-6 and hoist the state crown.Under head coach Ronnie Brown, the 1992 Pioneers went into the season with a goal to end the program’s streak of losing in the regionals. Warren County had won district titles at the time, but had been one-and-done several times when making it to the regional tournament.Before the season began March 17, coach Brown spoke with his coaches and quickly realized with a team returning six seniors and several other players with starting experience, the ’92 team had a chance to do special things.“We felt like, as a coaching staff, we had the material to get outside the district and make a good run in regionals,” said Brown.“I don’t know if we ever realized we’d end up where we did.