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Nicknames needed
Jacob Dodd photo Irving Espinoza, the Pioneers' leading scorer, has had plenty of magical moments at Charlie Dalton Gym this season.

Being able to take notes quickly and transcribe shorthand is vital for a reporter. Many nights, I'm furiously writing or typing in my phone details from players, coaches or spectators about events.

In my haste to do things as quick as possible, I've caught myself lately giving many local WCHS athletes nicknames. The more I use them in shorthand, the more I've felt like sharing them in story. So here are a few I've come up with (and I apologize in advance for the cheesiness).

Irving "Magic" Espinoza - I've actually been using this one dating back to my last stint writing sports.

Espinoza was starring at Morrison then, but his talents have quickly translated to the Pioneers.

This one didn't take much work. While it's spelled different, the original "Magic" shares the same first name, Earvin Johnson. And Espinoza's play oftentimes has the same effect as a magic trick. He converted one double-clutch, reverse layup during a home game in December where I had multiple people come up afterward and ask, "How did he do that?"

He's magic.

Isaiah "Goggles" Grayson - This one is self explanatory. Grayson's eye wear has been as much a trademark for him the last four years as he's penchant for being a clutch performer for the Pioneers, both on the hardwood and the gridiron.

Chance "Heat Check" Hobbs - In Warren County's only home loss this season (Tullahoma, Dec. 1), Hobbs took two 3-pointers from 30-plus feet. He hit both.

After the game, I asked coach Chris Sullens about the shots. "He has the greenest of green lights, especially when he's already hit," said Sullens.

It may not be something you want happening every possession, but when Hobbs starts cooking, he can and should launch at will.