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New Bybee's blasts past Smartt Station
Shea Muncey pounded out a double in her first at-bat for New Bybees on Tuesday evening. Muncey circled the bases three times in the 26-8 win.

It was an early night in church league softball Tuesday evening. The one-sided women’s match-up was dominated by New Bybee’s and its arsenal of smoking bats. Not even the cooler temperatures could cool off the offense.
When a team is in a rhythm and can place base hits in a variety of areas, there is not much to do except watch and defend the best you can. Smartt Station Baptist just had one of those games and it was defeated by New Bybee’s by a final score of 26-8 in four innings.
With Smartt Station headed to the plate in the top of the first, not even the most seasoned softball player would have known what was on the horizon. The team picked up a quick pair of outs to start off the inning. Tracey Scott reached first on balls for the first base runner for Smartt. Two base hits later and Scott crossed the plate for a 1-0 lead.
Tonya Swan stepped up with two on and two outs and unloaded a double deep into the gap between the defenders. Smartt was on the run and two more runs crossed the plate. Sally Alexander got the final base hit of the inning and Swan was left stranded on first after a fly-ball ended the inning.
New Bybee’s probably did not even know how hot its bats were. A total of 14 base hits in the first inning alone set a stern tone that would remain throughout the game. Shea Muncey got off to a good start by going deep. Muncey stretched out a double her first at-bat. Two batters later, Penny Wanamaker showed some flex and mashed a three-run home run for a 3-1 lead.
Six more hits followed and the green light was on for the New Bybee’s offense and by the time Smartt found the off switch with the third out New Bybee’s led 9-3.
Smartt stepped back up to the plate but after the defense got rocked, base hits were out of the question. It turned into a three-up, three-down inning.
In the bottom of the second, New Bybee’s started an out but after that, the hits kept coming. Ten base hits fell all over the Smartt Station defense. It did not matter where anyone played, the defense just could not get a break on the well placed balls from the New Bybee’s offense.
The barrage of singles were highlighted by a double by Hailey Huncey and a triple pounded out by Christi Flatt. The bats continued to help New Bybee’s extend its lead to 19-3 after just two innings.
Smartt had seen enough and started its third at-bat with a walk. Three consecutive singles is just the kick-start the offense needed and Smartt trailed 19-5. After the first out Sally Alexander took aim and launched a triple that cleared the bases. With a runner on third base, Fronia Templeton singled to score Alexander and Smartt trailed 19-8.
New Bybee’s looked to close out the game in the bottom of the third inning. Two relatively quick outs started the inning when the bats showed up again. It was another blistering inning and no matter what the Smartt defense tried, nothing worked. Muncey pulled off her second consecutive double of the game. By the time the final out was made New Bybee’s pulled away 26-8.
With little to no momentum in the top of the fourth, not even talk of the biggest frosty could get Smartt back into the game. Smartt was held scoreless and was defeated by a final score of 26-8.
New Bybee’s advances to the women’s final championship game and Smartt Station Baptist fell into the women’s loser’s bracket.