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Moose prevails in tight tussle
Daylen Holquin gets a hit for Moose Lodge 1725 Tuesday when they played Middle Tennessee Radiology. Holquin scored a run in the contest.

Moose Lodge 1725 charged ahead in Tuesday’s matchup with Middle Tennessee Radiology by holding Mid-TN to no runs in the top of the first and scoring 5 runs down the batting order.
The Radiology crew choose the steady and sure pace to earn 10 runs in the ballgame, but 1 run in the second and another 5-run rally in the third gave Moose Lodge the 11-10 win.
Moose Lodge’s first five batters in the first inning all scored in the bottom of the first with Brady Norris, Daylen Holquin, Jacob Holt, Adrian Harris and Aaron Tallent all crossing home for the 5-2 score. The Lodge’s defense sent Mid-TN back to field 1-2-3 with no runs to end the inning.
Middle Tennessee Radiology’s Preston McAbee and Caiden Armstrong scored in the top of the second to make it a 5-2 ballgame. Moose Lodge was held to 1 run in the bottom of the inning for the 6-2 lead.
Keeping pace as best it could, Mid-TN’s Tyler Gilispie and Carter Lee added 2 runs in the top of the third to make it a close 6-4 contest.
Moose Lodge had another plan however, and went on the war path in the bottom of the third to rally and score 5 more runs as Holt, Harris, Tallent, Tyler Woodlee and Braylor Jones all added 1 run to the total tally, now 11-4.
Mid-TN Radiology stepped up when it counted and their defense held Moose Lodge scoreless for the rest of the ballgame as Wesley Romzek and Gilispie added 2 runs in the fourth and Romzek, Gilispie, Lee and Colten Link added more in the top of the fifth before getting shut down just 1 run shy of a tie.