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Moore mapping out offseason
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Warren County High School head football coach Tom Moore has announced the annual parents meeting for the 2018 season will be held Thursday, Feb 8 in the high school auditorium at 6 p.m.

“We want to invite every boy who wants to play football next season for the high school and freshman teams to come to this meeting. We also want all parents to come with their boys to support them,” said Moore.
The meeting will be primarily directed to the parents, with expectations for the program in 2018 to be discussed.

“After the football portion of the meeting, we will have our first football booster club meeting. We will discuss possible fundraisers for the 2018 season,” said More.

Coach Moore also wanted to stress that all eighth-grade boys and their parents at the middle school and county schools are invited.

“I will be making visits to the middle school and county schools during the next few weeks to get names and number of boys who want to play football. We hope to be done by 7:15 at the latest,” said Moore.
Other offseason notes:

OFFSEASON PROGRAM – Coach Moore has been very impressed with the core group of boys who have been diligently working out during this offseason. “We have a number of new faces in the weight room. I am very pleased that so many of our boys are playing another sport. I was lucky to be able to play three sports in high school and I loved every minute of it,” said Moore. “I’m not much on specializing. Playing other sports in high school will make you a better athlete. It did for me. College is the time to specialize in my opinion. Plus, our school needs all of our athletes to play as many sports as we can.

“When college coaches contact us, they always ask two questions – ‘what kind of grades does the athlete have?’ and ‘what other sports does he play?’”

Coach Moore is very encouraged by the work of the large group of linemen who are in the offseason program.
“I think we have a chance to have a very good high school offensive line this season. We have some hard workers who are also unselfish and talented,” said Moore.”

NEW INITIATIVES THIS YEAR – Coach Moore and the football staff are determined to become great communicators in all ways.

“A wise man once told me that communication problems were the No. 1 issue for organizations - and this was 30 years ago. I would say that this is true even more in today’s world,” said Moore. “We are all so distracted by the multiple ways we receive information. Clear communication is rare and valued. I want our boys and parents to get that from me and our coaches moving forward.” Coach Moore plans to send out a weekly letter during the season to communicate what is going on with the program to parents. “Our basketball coach, Chris Sullens, gave me the idea and we are committed to doing this,” said Moore.
A leadership program is also being established.

“We are going to meet with the players of each class every third week on Friday mornings. I believe to have leaders we need to develop them,” said Moore.

Friday meetings will begin this week with the current junior football players.