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Midway softball league gets started
Midway - Play at 3B - BEST.jpg
Matthew Young of Warren Mechanical gets tagged out trying to advance to third base by T.J. Duke of Hair Satisfaction.

There were hits all over the complex Monday night in Midway as Warren County saw its first softball league kick off for the summer.

The hits were coming from the plate as boys in the Senior League blasted shots all over the field. And the ballpark cheeseburgers were definitely a hit coming from the concession stand as the line stretched out the door.

“They need to open this place for burgers even if they don’t play ball,” said Steve Grandey as he wolfed down a cheeseburger from his seat behind home plate.

Terry Bell was busy manning the grill to ensure the burgers were hot and ready. He said they’d already sold 120 before the first game was finished.

“It will settle down later in the year, but everybody wants to get their first burger tonight,” said Terry.

Added his wife Beckee, “We’ll sell around 200 on a typical night.”

Action on the field was intense as Hair Satisfaction proved to be a cut above Warren Mechanical, scoring two runs in the bottom of the seventh to win, 11-10.

“I’m happy to be out here but I’m not the one getting to play,” said Hair Satisfaction coach Nico Reyes. “It’s these players who had to sacrifice due to circumstances beyond their control and it’s good to see them back out here.”

Added umpire Jade Willis, “This will get them away from their Xbox,” he said. “And it gives me something to do too.”

If the opening game is indicative of how the season will go, softball fans are in for a dandy. Hair Satisfaction and Warren Mechanical traded punches, and big plays, all game.

Matthew Young snagged a sharp line drive at third base for Warren Mechanical in the bottom of the third to preserve a 4-4 tie.

Young was on the other end of a key play at third when he was tagged out by T.J. Duke as he was trying to advance.

Warren Mechanical shortstop Noah Martin and second baseman Aiden Cummings turned a double play in the bottom of the fourth to keep it a 5-5 game.

The offense picked up in the top of the fifth when Payton Summers motored around third base to launch a three-run inning and put Warren Mechanical on top, 8-5.

But Hair Satisfaction answered with three runs of its own as Jalen Watson led the charge with a bloop single to centerfield that scored two.

With the game on the line, baserunners got a little more aggressive and both defenses were up to the challenge. Hair Satisfaction pitcher Cruz Reyes made a nice play covering home plate. He caught a throw from the outfield and tagged the runner to prevent a score.

Landon Grissom of Hair Satisfaction also came up big when he caught a throw at second base and absorbed contact with baserunner Jonathan Martinez for an out.

With everything at stake in the bottom of the seventh, Nick Plunkett scored the tying run, 10-10, on a base hit from Byson Elrod. It was a bit anticlimactic when the winning run crossed the plate on a bases-loaded walk.

Midway is the first league to start playing ball this summer. The Morrison Ruritan league is set to begin Monday, July 6. Centertown is scheduled to start its league Tuesday, July 7.