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Hitchcock reflects on college career
Photos courtesy of Erin Cassell/Sewanee Allison Hitchcock completed her career at Sewanee in February. Hitchcock started over 30 games for the Tigers.
Allison Hitchcock, center, is pictured on her senior night surrounded by her parents and Sewanee coaches.

Allison Hitchcock was just 11 when she fell in love with basketball. She was watching the pinnacle of women’s college basketball – the 2008 national championship game – as its best player played her final collegiate game. That night, she realized the sport had made its way into her life forever.

“I watched Candace Parker and the Lady Vols win the national championship. I had only been playing basketball at that point for a few years, but after seeing that game, I knew basketball would hold a special place in my life,” said Hitchcock.

Fast forward 12 years and Hitchcock was the one suiting up in one of her final college games. A senior at Sewanee, Hitchcock played her final home game Feb. 2 and concluded her career just a few weeks later.

“Senior night was bittersweet and emotional. I had dedicated 12 years of my life into that one moment which was being recognized,” said Hitchcock. “I approached the game wanting to make sure I was absorbing every minute because I knew I wouldn’t get to have that feeling again.

“It was definitely special and we did get the win. I’m thankful my parents were able to share that moment with me because they sacrificed a lot for me to get to that point.”

Hitchcock started nine games as a senior, including the 67-62 win over Birmingham Southern on senior night. She drilled a pair of 3-pointers in the victory, ensuring her team came out on top.

It was a shining moment in her basketball career, one she didn’t imagine would be possibly until late in high school.

“I always knew I wanted to go to college, so it was definitely a goal I had early on. However, I didn’t necessarily think while I was playing at Warren County I would have the opportunity to play at the next level,” said Hitchcock. “My first visit to Sewanee didn’t include anything about basketball, but I was lucky enough to catch their eye my senior year and they recruited me to the mountain.

“I think a part of me hoped I would get to continue, but never did I think I would find a place where I fit as well as I did at Sewanee.”

Academically and athletically, Sewanee fit Hitchcock perfectly. She’s currently on track to complete her undergraduate degree in American Studies. What she learned in the classroom and on the court at Sewanee are lessons she won’t soon forget.

“Sewanee emphasized tradition and a strong communal bond, not only in its athletics, but throughout every aspect of the college. The culture within the women’s basketball program is no different,” said Hitchcock. “Playing basketball was something that shaped my four years. I have met some of my best friends from being on the team and they made my experiences worthwhile.

“It was difficult at times to continue, but those trying times helped mold my character into a more polished version of the person I wanted to be.”

Over her career, Hitchcock appeared in 70 games and started 31. The 6-foot guard averaged over 11 points per game as a sophomore and had big moments as a senior. Even with her success on the court, her favorite memory from Sewanee happened off the court.

“Our bus broke down on the way to Hendrix College in Arkansas. It sounds like a terrible time being seven hours away from Sewanee, but both the men's and women's teams were stuck together on the side of the road at a gas station,” said Hitchcock. “We all played games, talked, laughed and shared in our misfortune. This mishap sticks out in my mind not because of the negativity, but how we all made the best of our situation and actually had fun and grew closer.”

Hitchcock plans on continuing her education at the University of Tennessee College of Law this fall. Her hope is to become a practicing attorney, a profession she has been around from much of her life. 

Hitchcock is preparing to trade in one court for another.