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Give Back Team looks to contribute to community
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The Southern Standard and Brad Durham are starting Give Back Team, which will be an effort to work with Warren County High School teams to translate the same attributes athletes are learning in their sports to experiences off the field. Teamwork will be directed to “giving back” to the McMinnville community in terms of service.

There will be monthly projects for athletes to help provide groceries, yard work, and other services for elderly members of Warren County. Other projects will also be developed. Give Back Team will conduct a Christmas Party for underprivileged/ needy children that will be in the tradition that the Jaycees and Jayteens organized in December.

Southern Standard publisher Pat Zechman said, “Having people who are willing to volunteer to help others is a cornerstone of any community. So often we think of older residents as our main volunteers, but students have a great opportunity to make an impact with their youthful energy. Habits that are established early in life so often carry over into adulthood so I think it’s a wonderful idea to get teenagers active in volunteer work.” 

Warren County High School football coach Matt Turner stated why he supports Give Back Team. Turner said, “I think it is a great opportunity for the kids to be a part of something bigger than themselves. I feel like this football team can set the tone for the high school and community. To get out there and give back to the community with no ulterior motives, to simply give back in appreciation of all the things the community does for us will be a great lesson for the kids and model for the school and program. It is more important than the score on Friday nights. It is about building character in these young men.”

Brad Durham said, “I volunteered and worked with homeless individuals and families in Boston for 10 years in my youth. Several of us created a foundation called Fearless Hearts for Homeless Children. We had an annual Christmas party. I believe giving back and making a contribution helps make a difference. I wish to do the same type of service in my hometown where I grew up.” 

Ten percent of the sales from The Give Back peach stand at Plaza Shopping Center in July will support Give Back Team. Peaches can be purchased in advance online at