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Girls 7-9 league
Taylor Gann
Jeffery Simmons photo Taylor Gann, right, leads the charge through the postgame high-five line for Citizen's Tri County Bank. Gann hit three inside-the-park home runs in two games against First National Bank Monday.
Games played June 4 - names provided by league First National Bank 9Citizen’s Tri County 7 FNB hitting – Abygayle Jones 3H, Leah Mara 2H, Jovanna Turner 2H, Brianna Turner 2H, Alexis Egerton 2H, Kryslin Cantrell H, Adison Shay H, Zara Laxson H, Gaby Jones HCB hitting – Taylor Gann 3H, two inside-the-park HRs, Adelaide Daridoff 2H, inside-the-park HR, Lorelei Griffith 2H, Caroline Boyd 2H, Maci Parsley H Netherton Dentistry 17Denning & Cantrell 7 ND hitting – Caydence Wiser 3H, inside-the-park HR, Kenzie Hullett 3H, Jenna Mullins 3H, Aubrey Oleksik 3H, Abigail Netherton 3H, Bubbles Ross 2H, Macy McBride 2H, Aryanna Luna 2H, Ashlynn Graves 2H, Chloe Wanamaker H, Cara Rheady HDC hitting – Courtland Porter 3H, Samara Hams 2H, Brooke Kesey 2H, Kade Thompson 2H, Kaidence Crouch 2H, Ruby Denning H, Bella Campbell H, Willa Denning H Citizen’s Tri County 13First National Bank 4 CB hitting – Charley Wilson 3H, inside-the-park HR, Caroline Boyd 3H, inside-the-park HR, Eden Grissom 3H, Adelaide Daridoff 2H, inside-the-park HR, Lorelei Griffith 2H, Taylor Gann 2H, inside-the-park HRFNB hitting – Leah Mara 2H, Livia Jaco 2H, Jovanna Turner H, Abygayle Jones H, Peyton Rowland H, Alexis Egerton H, Kryslin Cantrell H