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Gary Steele honors top students
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With 2012 coming to a close, Gary Steele Karate Studio held a ceremony to honor its top students from last year.
Director Gary Steele gave awards to 15 different students, including Charlie Hooper being named Grand Champion for his hard work in 2012.
Brad Womack was named student of the year overall, while Randall Phillips was the junior student of the year. Joan Garcia was the kids student of the year and Kitana Wolverton was the dragons student of the year. Each classification is based on age and skill level.
Taking top honors in individual categories were Samantha McCormick for flexibility, Christian Weeter for form, Victoria Byars for dedication and Jared Barnett for effort.
Kaylee Campbell was the top fighter among kids while Jacob Raper won the fighting award for adults.
Campbell was also one of four instructors to be honored at the event. Campbell and Victoria Kiser were selected as the top assistant instructors while Shawn Green was named the top instructor.
Paul Byars was awarded for being the head instructor during 2012.