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Freshmen win in OT
WCHS dominates extra period versus Warriors
Ethan Smith goes on the attack during the close call versus White County. Smith finished the overtime win with 12 points Monday night.

After the Warren County Pioneer freshman team allowed the Warriors from White County to lock the score at 45-45 as the final buzzer ended the fourth quarter, the Pioneers went on a 12-1 run in overtime and defeated White County, 57-46, Monday night at Charlie Dalton Gym.
In the overtime period, the Pioneers went on the attack early and Sloan Seymour took the Warrior defender straight to the rack for his first two points of overtime and Warren County led 47-45.
Sparta lost the handle in the overtime and the Warriors turned the ball over their first possession. Seymour took the loose ball and raced back down the court and his shot attempt rolled off the front of the rim. Ethan Smith was there for the rebound and he was fouled before he could get a shot back into the air.
Smith knocked down a pair of free throws and Warren County led 49-45. Moments later, Sparta gave the ball back to the Pioneers. Crockett Walker slipped inside behind the Warrior defense and the ball was fed into Walker for an easy uncontested basket and a 51-45 lead over White County.
Sparta set up its offense and unfortunately the shooters had lost their range. The shot missed its target and Warren County gathered up the loose ball.
It was Walker for the second consecutive time who went inside the Warrior defense and drew the contact and the whistle. Walker missed the front end of his two shots. He buried the second and extended the Pioneer lead to 52-45.
Sparta tried a different route and attempted to feed the ball inside to the post. An aggressive Pioneer defense knocked the ball away. Smith was fouled after he crossed into the Warren County front court.
Both free throws were off target and Sparta controlled the rebound. The Sparta offense continued to struggle and was unsuccessful again to get the ball in close.
The clock started to become a factor for Sparta and Warren County started to slow its pace and forced the Warrior defense to foul. Smith went back to the free-throw line where he shot 1-of-2 and the Pioneers led 53-45.
Finally Sparta worked the ball inside and Warren County committed a foul as to not give the Warriors anything easy inside. Hayden Farris connected on 1-of-2 free throws and scored the only point for Sparta in the overtime period and Sparta trailed 53-46.
With both teams unable to control the loose ball and after a short flurry of passes, Walker emerged from the pack with the ball and immediately went to the rim where he was fouled. Walker took a deep breath and knocked down both free throws and extended the Warren County lead to 55-46.
Sparta tried to make too many things happen on offense and the extra passes cost them yet another turnover. Walker was fouled again with 41.1 seconds to play. He stepped up one more time and hit 1-of-2 and Warren County led 56-46.
White County had its chances at the free-throw line and down the stretch could not find the range. Logan Young for Warren County secured the rebound off the Warrior miss and was fouled.
Young went to the other end of the court and sank 1-of-2 for the final Warren County point in overtime and the Pioneers defeated the Warriors in extra time by a final score of 57-46.
Pioneer Sloan Seymour led all scorers with a game-high 16 points, most of which came in the second half.
After an explosive 18-point third quarter, the Pioneers had climbed their way back into the lead and a shot by Jamison Holt at the buzzer dropped and Warren County took a 36-32 lead to start the fourth quarter.
The Pioneers controlled the first four minutes of the fourth quarter and maintained their lead at 39-34. Reece Dyson for White County was fouled and he stepped up and knocked down a pair of free throws and got the Warriors within three, 39-36.
At 2:46 to play in regulation Warren County was sent back to the free-throw line after the Pioneer offense worked the ball inside. The Pioneers shot 1-of-2 and extended their lead 40-36. Warren County was fouled away from the ball and missed the front end of a 1-and-1.
Under 2:00 to play and Sparta took advantage of the poor free-throw shooting by Warren County. The Warriors got the ball inside the Pioneer defense and the Warriors cut the lead to two, 40-38.
White County would soon tie it at 41-41.
The following possession Seymour was fouled on his way to the rim. He buried the first and broke the tie at 42-41. White County calls for timeout in an attempt to try and freeze Seymour. Out of the timeout, Seymour stepped up and buried the second shot and the Pioneers led 43-41. Warren County called for timeout to talk it over.
White County inbounded the ball and Smith set himself up on the backside of a Warrior defender. The unsuspecting defender turned and flattened Smith, he was called for the offensive foul and Smith shot 2-of-2 free throws and Warren County took a 45-41 lead with 15.4 seconds to play.
The White County offense raced up the floor and the first shot put up was off. David Kinser gathered the loose ball and put a shot back up and it dropped and a whistle followed the made basket, White County trailed 45-43.
His free throw was off with 5.2 seconds to play. Warren County let the rebound hit the floor and Holden Howard for White County grabs it and flips up a shot from just outside the paint and it was good. White County tied the score at 45-45 with no time left on the clock.
With the offensive assault during the overtime period, Warren County cemented the win 57-46 over White County.
PIONEER SCORING – Sloan Seymour 16, Ethan Smith 12, Jamison Holt 12, Crockett Walker 11, Brant Young 5, Logan Young 1
WARRIOR SCORING – Dyson Reece 12, Holden Howard 10, Macon Girdley 7, Jake Edmonds 7, David Kinser 5, Cameron Carter 4, Hayden Farris 1