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Flawless victory for WCHS tennis
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Warren County’s tennis teams were relentless Tuesday afternoon versus Cumberland County as the Pioneer and Lady Pioneer teams kept the Jets grounded during doubles and singles matches. Not a single match was won by Cumberland County.
In all, the Pioneers went 9-0 in their doubles and singles matches and the Lady Pioneers followed suit by matching that total and defeated the Lady Jets 9-0 as well.
WCHS tennis coach Jessica Hines said, “This was a real confidence booster for our boys and it was their first district win. Other matches besides Cookeville have been very close. I hope this helps their mental toughness as we move on to the remainder of the season.”
In Pioneer doubles matches, Jake Hunt and Blake Basham defeated Tyler Boniol and David Reagon 8-3 and continued their display of great communication and teamwork.
Pioneers Dillon Campos and Matthew Austin defeated Michael Methvin and Blake McLaughlin 8-0. These two never had any doubts from very early. Campos’ return game was sharp and Austin playing up near the net kept this match in control.
The Pioneer doubles team of Kirkland Sauer and Shuhei Sugawara defeated Joshua Han and Pritum Debnath 8-2. Sauer has been on the rise since the season began and Sugawara has improved just from being partnered with him. Both are very patient and precise with shot timing and placement.
In the Pioneer singles matches, Hunt very handily defeated Boinol 8-1. Hunt had little trouble breaking the service game of his Jet opponent.
Basham got little resistance in his 8-1 win over Reagon from Cumberland County. The Jet opponent was taken back by Basham’s explosive first serve.
Campos defeated Han 8-3 in his singles match. Campos started the match a little slow but he settled in and found his rhythm, and started to break his opponent’s serve to pick up another Pioneer win.
Austin defeated Methvin 8-3 in very similar fashion to Campos. Methvin offered some resistance in the early games but Austin pulled away down the stretch.
Sauer defeated Debnath 8-0. Sauer kept his opponent on the run much of the match and Debnath was discouraged from lack of experience.
Sugawara defeated McLaughlin 8-0 much the same as Sauer. McLaughlin’s inexperience led to his quick demise.
In Lady Pioneer doubles matches, Katie Phillips and Tomomi Yago defeated Carrie Threat and Madison McLaughlin 9-7 that took an extra game to decide. Phillips kept the pressure up and Yago’s returns at the net were spot-on.
Lauren Hennessee and Kendal Smith defeated Mary Kemp and Shelby Kilby 8-0. Hennessee and Smith dominated from beginning to end. Their pursuit of the ball and teamwork were constant and the outcome of the match showed their hard work.
Chelsea Stewart and Maegan Bates defeated Brittany Bright and Rani Patel 8-0. Stewart and Bates kept the pressure up through the eight games and their hard work and teamwork paid off.
In the Lady Pioneer singles matches, Phillips defeated Threet 8-0 by outshooting her opponent from nearly every angle on the court.
Hennessee defeated McLaughlin 8-1, again by just being one step ahead in the match and with a great return game.
Yago defeated Kemp 8-2 in a match where Yago kept the tempo quick and her opponent guessing.
Smith had the most resistance in her match but she stayed on course and never changed her game plan. She kept a constant pace and returned the ball well and one she had broken her opponent’s serve Smith defeated Kilby 8-3.
Stewart defeated Bright by a final score of 8-2 by moving well around the court and shot placement.
Gross defeated Patel in an 8-0 win and Gross looked to be in control very early. Patel had trouble returning the ball and Gross took advantage forcing Patel to make shots on the run.
Coach Hines added, “The girls are third in the district so far and play tough, but are nice to play against. I was proud of Kendal who was playing a first-year player who wasn’t sure of some of the rules. Kendal kindly instructed her opponent in her errors. After the match, the Cumberland County coach thanked Kendal and her reply was, ‘I been there.’”The Pioneer tennis teams will be back at home April 27 versus Webb School with a match time set for 3:30 p.m. at the tennis courts behind McMinnville Civic Center.