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First National Bank cashes in perfect record
Khysen Glass FNB 6-18.jpg
First National Bank batter Khysen Glass hit an inside-the-park home run Friday night in a game against Fully Loaded. First National Bank finished the regular season undefeated. - photo by Brad Durham
Carter Jefferson Fully Loaded Base Hit 6-18.jpg
Carter Jefferson got a hit for Fully Loaded on Friday night against First National Bank. - photo by Brad Durham

First National Bank showed why its unbeaten Friday night with a 13-1 win over Fully Loaded to cap off a 9-0 regular season. 

Don Meredith used to say on Monday Night Football, “Turn out the lights, the party is over” when a team appeared to be out of reach before the final whistle. Maybe it was symbolic, but right after the First National and Fully Loaded teams shook hands on the field, the lights went out at the ballfield. Everyone left the park and walked to their vehicles in darkness.

The Southern Standard was unable to get the stats after the game, but both head coaches gave statements. Before the teams shook hands and the lights went out, Fully Loaded coach and pitcher for the 7-8 year-old boys, Jeff Chisam said, “Be sure to put in the paper that Jett Rains spoiled my shutout by scoring that run.”

Jett Rains is Fully Loaded coach Matt Rains’ son, and he was on base when a teammate made a hit that scored Jett. It was the lone run in the game for Fully Loaded.

First National Bank had no problem scoring runs as the team jumped out to a 6-0 lead in the first. The game was 45 minutes late getting started, and when the third inning ended with First National Bank leading 13-1, the coaches decided to end the game.

After the game, First National head coach Josh Gillespie talked about his team as the lights went out. Gillespie said, “We have had a very successful season. We are fortunate to have a lot of second-year players and that has led to our success. We had about four new players this season, and as I said, we have a lot of experience. I have also coached some of these kids two years before this team. I had a good draft last year and again this year.”

Gillespie continued, “I am tickled to death, top to bottom, with all the kids. One through 10, our kids hit the ball. All the kids can move around in the field as well. We are playing on the weekends too.”