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Celebration of homecoming has long, rich history
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Although the fair and funnel cake are often thought of as precursors to fall, there’s another perennial tradition, albeit contested between three colleges about who started it, that forecasts fall as well -- homecoming.
Beginning in 1910, three universities did similar programs designed to “bring folks home” to watch their home team play football. Baylor, Harvard and Missouri all claim the fame for homecoming.
If you’re on “Jeopardy,” you better pick Missouri as that TV show credits Missouri athletic director Chester Brewer who asked the school’s alumni to help inaugurate the new field by “coming home” for the annual contest against Kansas. Also backing Missouri is the NCAA and the makers of Trivial Pursuit.
Regardless of where it began, it’s alive and well here in Warren County. There’s a float parade downtown beginning 12:45 p.m. Friday. Spirit Week is participated in schools around the county and the Homecoming Court will parade across midfield while the band plays at Nunley Stadium tonight.
Normally, the home football team’s opponent is one where a win is pretty much guaranteed. Warren County is going up against tough region rival Riverdale. This could just add to the wow factor with a win for the ardent fans of the Pioneers.
Football is generally the sport associated with homecoming although schools without football teams have soccer, volleyball or another replacement.
Warren County has football.
The stands are expected to be full with both local residents and those who decided to “come home.”
Game time is 7 p.m.