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Cantrell takes silver at Senior Games
Glenda Cantrell

Local resident Glenda Cantrell is a silver medalist after her team captured second place this month in the National Senior Games in Florida.

Cantrell, 80, plays for the Age Defyers, a Cookeville-based team that includes three other women. The National Senior Games featured athletes from all 50 states and the official program contained three full pages of participants from Tennessee.

“I’d play more but there’s nobody left to play,” said Cantrell of her time on the court. “I thank God I’m still able to do as well as I can do.”

Events were held May 10-23 in Florida. Cantrell said she was pleased her two sons were able to be in attendance to make it an even more special occasion.

“I hope to be able to do this again,” said Cantrell.

The Age Defyers play every Tuesday in Cookeville and Cantrell said they were at it again this week. “We played for about 30 minutes and decided to go home,” said Cantrell. “It’s important to keep moving.”

Basketball at the Senior Games is played 3-on-3 halfcourt. Cantrell said her four-woman team suffered an early setback when one player got hurt and they had to play the rest of the tournament without a sub.