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Break means slim pickings for sports
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Fall break is a time for teachers and students to relax and unwind after a hectic year has gotten underway. The worst thing about fall break for a sports reporter who thrives on school athletics as part of my weekly ritual, is lack of sports during fall break.
Thank goodness for the Little Pioneer football program which played last Saturday in Sewanee.
I didn’t wake up early enough to catch the first game, but the Mrs. and I made the trip up the mountain on a cool and slightly foggy morning to find one of the most magnificent fields I have seen this year anywhere.
The University of the South is nestled in one of the most beautiful areas this state has to offer. The field was artificial grass and was the most immaculate I have seen up close. The best part of the day beside those guys winning was the attitudes of these kids. They are pretty care free and only want to play one down at a time.
They are not old enough to know if they are being cheated. They are not old enough to get angry about the outcome. It was great and I wished I had gone to see them more often this season. It is football in its purest form and kudos to the Little Pioneers.
Last Sunday, I was fortunate enough to take in a Titans game again with the Mrs. But this was no ordinary Titans game even though we lost late in the game as in previous weeks. I got to shoot the game from the sidelines just out of reach from some of the largest men on the planet.
The NFL is the elite and I had trouble as I tried to comprehend how these men could be so big and so fast. It was amazing to see it from the sidelines and be that close to the action. I hope I get that opportunity again soon.
Just because we were on fall break does not mean the entire district was. The Lady Pioneer soccer team played a physical second-round district game on Tuesday night. It turned out to be the last game of the 2015 season.
We generally do not cover the JV teams just because there is already a large number of varsity teams. Since no one else was around playing, I made the trek to Tullahoma and took in the Pioneer JV game on Thursday. Friday night meant Pioneer football in Coffee County.
So luckily for me there was just enough sports in Warren County to keep us going until we return to the hardwood after the break. There are not many Pioneer football games left so you better get out to one before they are gone until next season. Right on.