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Boyd wins in battle of horses
Broncos top Mustangs
Tyler Beaty attacks the very epicenter of the Mustang defense during a win over Currey Ingram Academy on Friday night. Beaty earned a trip to the free-throw line for this effort.

An offensive stampede in the first quarter by the Boyd Christian Broncos allowed them to run away with a 57-38 win over the Currey Ingram Mustangs on Friday night in Westwood.
Bronco sharpshooter Trey Cantrell led all scorers with 22 points. Cantrell buried two deep 3’s in the first quarter, added a second pair in the second, and a fifth 3-pointer in the fourth quarter.
Boyd was off to the races right out of the gate and the offense fired a barrage of shots that found the center of the intended target. All five Bronco starters connected on their first shots in the opening period.
Ethan Phillips matched Cantrell from beyond the arch and added a pair of deep 3’s. Jaden Reno got free inside and dropped in his first four points of the game.
Tyler Beaty and Blaine Wilson added a pair of jumpers to the Bronco total. Boyd took an early 22-9 lead in the first quarter.
Jake Grader carried a heavy load of offense for the Mustangs. He scored all nine points for Currey Ingram and the Boyd defense had no answer.
Boyd continued its relentless pressure on the ball into the second quarter. The offense began to slow even though Cantrell still had the hot hand. He knocked down a second pair of 3’s and forced the Mustangs to stretch their defense past the 3-point line. Beaty and Reno got free long enough to pick up a pair of baskets for Boyd.
The Mustang offense gave Grader some help in the second as Isaac Hana dialed up from long distance and he connected. Efraim Hanai got free behind the defense and went baseline for his first two points.
By the end of the first half Boyd’s lead had grown to 35-16 and the Mustangs went into the half and looked for answers.
The Currey Ingram offense matched the Boyd offense in the third. The Mustang defense needed stops and just could not get them despite their intense defensive effort. Christian Ahlstrand led the Mustangs in the third with five points.
The Bronco shooters lit it up from the outside in the third. Tyler Pomales and Beaty struck from behind the 3-point line. Beaty led the Broncos in the third and the Broncos led 45-26 with one to play.
For the second straight quarter, the Mustangs battled to control the boards. Currey Ingram traded baskets with the Broncos throughout the fourth. The two teams raced from end to end and traded points until time ran out on the Mustangs.
The Mustangs were fit to be tied and Boyd defeated Currey Ingram by a final score of 57-38.
BRONCO SCORING – Trey Cantrell 22, Tyler Beaty 12, Jayden Reno 10, Ethan Phillips 8, Tyler Pomales 3, Blaine Wilson 2
MUSTANG SCORING – Jake Grader 17, Isaac Hana 9, Jack Easterly 8, Christian Ahlstrand 5, Efraim Hanai 5, Nathan Hamilton 2