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You go girl: Oprah for U.S. President
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It appears if you make one great speech at an awards ceremony, it's suddenly a launching pad to run for President of the United States.

How did we ever allow the bar to fall so low?

In case you missed it, Oprah Winfrey made a heart-warming speech Sunday night at the Golden Globes. She awoke Monday morning to calls for her to run for president.

This should not be completely unexpected. The nation is still fresh from catapulting Donald Trump into the White House after he ran on the platform of being totally unqualified for the job. One of the main reasons to vote for Trump, he repeatedly said, is he had never before been elected to hold any public office, of any sort.

That type of winning strategy lends itself to imitation. It means anyone, regardless of their shortcomings, can make a firm argument they should be president.

Here's a sampling:

Oprah Winfrey -- Since she's suddenly a trendy presidential pick, let's examine one of her key attributes. She likes to give away stuff.

Oprah once stunned guests on her TV show by giving all 276 members of the audience a free car. For people accustomed to getting government handouts, this would be a huge selling point.

Hulk Hogan -- President Trump has made headlines by the insults he has directed at North Korean leadership. If this is the type of president America wants, we should consider Hulk Hogan.

During his storied pro wrestling career, the Hulkster was king of trash talking. Instead of trying to handle international conflicts with diplomacy, how does one fall with a 10-minute time limit sound?

Richard Simmons -- This TV workout guru would be the perfect fit to reduce America's healthcare woes. Why is U.S. healthcare so expensive? It's because we're so outrageously unhealthy.

We need a president who will whip America back into shape. We don't need a border wall as much as we need a jump rope.

George Clooney -- He's not a doctor, but he played one on TV.

Sylvester Stallone -- He would save Americans trillions on national defense. Instead of tanks and nuclear weapons, all we'd need is for Rambo to parachute behind enemy lines and take out the entire country.
Added bonus: Stallone knows how to handle assault rifles and might support members of the general population walking around with 50-caliber machine guns.

Kim Kardashian -- People enjoy "keeping up" with Kim and her family members by watching them on TV and following them on social media. There would be no better way to track their every move than by watching their lives unfold under the glare of nonstop presidential coverage.

That's just a glimpse at a handful of people who could decide to run for president in 2020. None of them appear remotely qualified, but somehow that's become the best qualification to have.

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