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The Wright Opinion - Tennessee weather a mystery
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Tennessee weather is like a sports car. It can go from 0 to 70 in no time flat. That's exactly what happened in the last couple of weeks.

We recently saw record-low temperatures wreak havoc on water pipes  until the weather did a quick U-turn into a spring-like 70 degrees just days later. It's a jarring shift to be sure but not totally unexpected here. Weather in Tennessee is like a Whitman's Sampler. If you don't like one day, try another. 

I've always liked a good variety pack so I'm thankful to have been placed by fate and my parents right here in McMinnville, Tennessee. Despite the extremes we sometimes must endure, I feel like we are optimally placed to enjoy (or hate) the best and worst that all four seasons have to offer. I'm not sure I would fare well in an area where there's no discernible difference in the seasons. I like to feel what time of the year it is. I want my summers hot and sunny and my winters cold and snowy. 

In fact, we're so blessed here, we get even more than four seasons. I'm a fan of the popular online meme that lists Tennessee's 12 seasons: Winter, fool's spring, second winter, spring of deception, third winter, the pollening, actual spring, summer, still summer, false fall, summer the sequel and actual fall. That seems like a more accurate depiction to me than the typical four-season system. 

In a time where movies like Enola Holmes, Knives Out and Glass Onion have reignited many Americans' love of mysteries, Tennessee is the perfect place to live. Forget whodunits. Even Benoit Blanc himself would have a hard time planning in advance whether to wear his tweed suit and overcoat or his striped  bathing suit based on our weather.

This climate volatility, while keeping residents on their toes,  also takes its toll on roads and utilities such as water and electricity. This leads to some rough days for employees responsible for keeping everythng going, so this is where I offer my appreciation to all of those who brave the elements to make sure the rest of us can get where we need to be and stay warm and safe. 

I stumbled across some of those workers on a brutally cold day as I was traveling toward downtown and found W. Main St. in front of Hardee's closed on the day after Christmas. The guys were digging into the street while water gushed out as them so as not to disrupt anyone's water service.  It's definitely not a job I'd want  but I appreciate these folks and many more across the county that do so much to enable us to enjoy the beauty of our crazy weather while minimizing the difficulties that come with it.

Standard managing editor Seth Wright can be reached at (931) 473-2191