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Warner's World 5-28
'Different direction' is confusing
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There’s an obvious topic for my column this week, one I had to think about a bit. I almost can’t avoid it but it’s akin to the elephant in the room.
Apparently no one wants to discuss the details that are really behind the firing of coach Adam Childs as head baseball coach for Warren County. What we got instead was a press release that just leaves me scratching my head. It would be easy to speculate and throw out all kinds of theories, but I choose not to. All I know is what I wrote which was basically the school wanted to go in a different direction.
There aren’t a lot of comments on stories online, but the coach Childs story did get a comment and I thought I might share this reader’s sentiments as I think along the same lines.
“I am confused about the comment, ‘To move in a different direction with the program.’ What direction do you want to move from that included 3 regional berths, 1 conference championship and a substate appearance ... all within 6 seasons? It also includes two, 20-win seasons and the best record since the 1992 baseball team.”
I’ve heard a smattering of information but not much that doesn’t point back to the statement above. I don’t have any sources within the department as it were, and I’m not much for gossip. I really don’t like reality TV, talk shows, or anything that would corrupt my peace of mind I try hard to maintain. There’s enough troubles in this world without becoming engrossed about what celebrity couple got divorced or even worse with these garbage shows the networks are selling us as entertainment these days.
If I wanted to turn into an investigative journalist I could pay off an inside source to get the scoop, but I have a hard time paying for coffee so that’s out. As far as friends in the know, I have as many as Norman Bates – live ones anyway, so I’m not the one to turn to for a super scoop.
I think I have to ask what is owed us as concerned residents, parents, co-workers other than “going in a different direction.” The most obvious different direction we could be going, given coach Childs’ record, quite frankly is down.
I really don’t think coach Childs did anything wrong, judging by the time I spent covering the baseball team. I never heard him raise his voice at the players, and he always seemed to be genuinely concerned about the health and welfare of the Pioneers.
Do we expect forthright answers, or are we satisfied with going along with going in another direction? I’ll leave that up to you.