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Favorite ballgame meals
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I’ve become a connoisseur of food you can get at sports events lately. One reason is I am not the most eat-on-schedule person you probably know. For example, yesterday I didn’t eat breakfast, forgot to eat lunch as I was covering a ballgame during the day, and had a piece of pizza at Warren County Middle School as they were out of pretty much everything else.
My wife gets angry with me, claiming “What do I have to feed you?” After the WCMS game she said I needed something to eat. I said I wasn’t really that hungry, strange since I didn’t remember to eat three meals thus far. She told me she bought some cookies at Walmart so I said it would do. She said no, I needed to get something good to eat, and made the choice of McDonald’s.
I said really, you can get something good to eat before bed at 9 p.m. at McDonald’s? We ended up getting Big Macs. I might have been better off with the cookies since I ate them too when I got home, both bags.
Anyway, due to my less-than-perfect eating habits, I tend to dine somewhat exclusively at concession stands across the county. That and the hospitality room at the high school basketball game. How come all the schools don’t have that? I guess there’s not too much press covering games around the county, but I would settle for a small desk and a chair. Heck the radio station gets that at the Pioneer games. I have to steal season ticket holder chairs and vacate if they arrive. That usually only happens at a varsity basketball game, as at wrestling, freshman basketball and other events I have my pick.
So, with so many meals being consumed at concessions around the county, I have found some places have certain specialties I tend to enjoy. Epicurean it is not, but I just like them anyway. Boyd Christian School has the best pulled pork sandwiches anywhere so far. I know the hospitality room at the Pioneer game has good pulled pork as well but it’s not on a sandwich. Usually my wife uses the pass. She’s better at picking food items than I am.
Hot dogs are good at some of the other county schools. WCMS seems to be out of stuff on a regular basis, plus if I eat the popcorn I’ll probably have a stroke as there’s more salt on it than out on a cow field on a post.
My wife will invariably get the nachos, which isn’t an option for me as I have to gobble it up during halftime or a time out. I would be wearing more of the nachos with cheese if I ate them at the speed I consume the pizza or hot dog.
Two other favorites I found are Topz Frozen Yogurt and cinnamon pretzels at the high school. I don’t always get much frozen yogurt as my wife likes it too, but the cinnamon pretzel is all mine.
If anyone wants to start a media room don’t worry. I’ll be sure to use it. You already know what to stock it up with.