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The Scoop 8-19
Saying thanks to Fred Hillis
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The Warren County Commission was a magnet for sound judgment Monday night when it did three things I'd like to celebrate.Commissioners rejected the moldy symbol of oppression known as the Confederate flag when they unanimously opposed a measure to fly that flag outside our courthouse.Commissioners also approved a budget without a tax increase after magically finding $600,000 they didn't know about. Considering that trick, I'd like to invite the County Commission to evaluate my checkbook.Last but not least, the County Commission made the very fitting gesture of honoring former Rescue Squad Chief Fred Hillis, who served for 37 years as director of that organization and about 43 years in all.I should make my thoughts about Fred clear from the start. He's an upstanding member of this community, a great American, and deserving of any recognition that floats his way.I had the privilege of talking to Fred on Wednesday to ask him about his years of service with the Rescue Squad.