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The Scoop 3-17
Indoor pool gets in the conversation
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It's with great pleasure I'm here to announce the city has decided to dip its toes into the indoor pool waters some 15 years after its last major effort.On Tuesday night, city officials agreed to entertain cost estimates for a no-frills indoor pool after hearing encouraging words from developer and former alderman Bobby Kirby.Before you retrieve your bathing suit and get too excited, let me stress this is far from a certainty. But having our city at least consider the possibility of an indoor pool is a starting point.A basic indoor pool facility, according to Kirby, would be in the $2 million range, a price which actually sounds reasonable in comparison to the city's grandiose $6.1 million plan to renovate and expand the Civic Center. I only hope the city doesn't put this $2 million estimate through a cost-saving committee because then the price would probably balloon to $3 million.