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Simmons Says - Voting can create chaos

Where there are brackets, there will be madness. The Standard’s top WCHS sports moments of the 2019-20 school year bracket isn’t immune.

There’s already been plenty of twists and debates, both publically and privately, about which moment should emerge the champion. I’m sure it will only intensify as we get closer to crowning a winner.

When I came up with the idea, I thought it was a perfect way to add some normalcy. People love debating about sports, so what’s better than giving the public a bracket to fight over? After all, we’re all usually ripping apart our March Madness brackets around this time of year.

Being the self-appointed “Warren County Sports Authority,” I picked the moments I knew had really resonated with our readers. Some were all clustered around the same time, but for the most part I thought the bracket set up where the biggest moments could emerge naturally.

Little did I know I would be getting texts about rigging the bracket and people claiming on social media that the bracket was a joke. I didn’t anticipate what a craze the seeding could cause.

I thought I picked the top 16 sporting events, though some may quibble with how they were seeded. I also know I didn’t rig the bracket. I can say that with certainty after seeing it unfold.

If the bracket fell how I wanted it, then theoretically my four No. 1 seeds would’ve emerged as winners. Trevor Evans was an obvious Cinderella candidate as No. 3 seed – his popularity is enormous – but I never would have foresaw Jack Keele’s big night of Ks toppling a no-hitter. 

Also, put me on record as saying the Rockvale win – featuring new football coach Matt Turner going for two in the final minute – was more exciting (and historic) than the Siegel homecoming victory. 

Even with the craziness, I’ve loved seeing people interact with the bracket. In these times, it’s refreshing to have (mostly) light-hearted debate compared to COVID-19 conversations. 

Keep voting and let’s see who comes out on top.