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Simmons Says - Reviewing preseason predictions

We’ve officially reached the midway point of the high school football season. 

Warren County will make the turn to the back half of its schedule, which features five straight region games, at 2-3 overall. The Pioneers had a landmark win over Rockvale and took home a rivalry victory over DeKalb County, but disappointing losses at Cannon County and Lawrence County dampened the early celebration.

Realistically, the Pioneers are talented enough to be 4-1 right now. 

Warren County buried itself in Woodbury under a mountain of penalties, then fumbled away a chance in Lawrenceburg. There’s an argument to be made that the Pioneers beat the second-best team they’ve played – Blackman was far and away the best – and lost to perhaps the worst (Cannon County and DeKalb County play Friday, so we’ll probably know more in a few days).

I’m not really surprised by this fact. Before the season, I was talking to a few friends who were curious about the Pioneers. They asked me what they looked like.

I told them, “Sometimes you watch them practice and see the individual talent and think they could win four or five six games, then you see them practice together and wonder if they’ll win two.” 

Five games in, the Pioneers still haven’t figured how to make the whole better than the sum of its parts. There’s flashes, but it’s still going to take some time for it to come together.

Also before the season, while doing position breakdowns, I made bold predictions for each group. Not to brag, but I was pretty spot on.

For the secondary, I predicted they’d make plays, including returning an interception for a touchdown. Eli Buchanan took care of that on opening night. I also said the Pioneers would rush for 350 yards in a game – they racked up 339 against Rockvale (still trying to find 11 more yards for that one).

Noah Martin is leading the team in tackles, as I predicted, and as a bonus, I said the freshman team would win at least two games. They’re 2-1.

I still need help on sacks (I predicted 20, they currently have four) and from the passing game. Before the year, I thought the Pioneer quarterbacks would complete at least 10 completions of over 20 yards, with the receivers turning at least two of those into 50-plus yard gains.

Warren County has just three passing plays over 20 yards, with the long being 32 yards. Much to my chagrin, and the Pioneers, one 60-plus completion to Lacedrick Cox was wiped out in Woodbury. 

Since I’ve been so good at predicting, I’ll make one more. The Pioneers aren’t done winning this year.