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Simmons Says - Farewell football
The end of the football season has come abruptly.
Normally a staple on Friday nights right up to November, it seems I’ve been granted a near month-long reprieve on late work nights. Warren County will wrap up its season Thursday against Oakland, the second time in as many weeks the Pioneers will play on Thursday.
Adding in the bye week, the Pioneers are now nearly a month from their last Friday night matchup, a big win over Fayetteville Oct. 5. It’s a weird feeling, especially for somebody who is used to the routine of working until 2-3 a.m. each weekend after being on the sidelines.
Fittingly, last weekend’s football games – coupled with Thursday’s finale – does seem like the end of football season for me. They may not name a champion in college until January, nor will the Lombardi Trophy be lifted until February, but my interest in football ends after Thursday.
For the first time since I can remember being a Vol fan, which dates back to the mid-1990s, I didn’t watch a single snap of Saturday’s loss to Alabama. Even the most optimistic Tennessee fans should have known what was coming.
My lone enjoyment came when I heard Jeremy Pruitt’s halftime interview. It’s not many days when you hear a coach go on national TV and tell everybody his players aren’t any good, but the new Vol coach did just that.
CBS sideline reporter Jamie Erdahl said Pruitt’s message out of halftime was clear.
“I made them one promise. We have a few guys that are playing the game the right way and doing all the right things and I promise you that I will recruit 25 other guys who will play the right way so we don’t have to play another game like this,” Erdahl said was Pruitt’s response when asked about his halftime message.
Good enough for me coach. I’ll wait until those 25 guys arrive.
Not 24 hours later, I sat and watched the Jaguars completely implode as a team against the Houston Texans. Blake Bortles had to be right in the middle, because any good sinking ship needs a captain.
Bortles has been a lightning rod for criticism since being drafted No. 3 and becoming the Jaguars quarterback of the future. That future seemed to end Sunday when, after two lost fumbles, Bortles was benched.
Bortles has since been named the starter this week in London, but I think I’ll take my beauty rest over waking up at 8:30 a.m. to see him repeat his Gilligan routine against the Eagles.

So long football. It was good while it lasted.