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Scrimmage encouraging
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Warren County played with intensity during its first football scrimmage Monday night.
Facing a Lincoln County squad that appeared similar in talent, the Pioneers controlled most of the action. If not for a handful of big passing plays, the Falcon offense wouldn’t have accomplished anything other than running in place.
Here are a few observations.
Grayson a standout
This just in: Pioneer QB Isaiah Grayson is good. Grayson frustrated the Lincoln County defense all night with his ability to escape from the pocket. He threw on the run, broke contain, and proved to be a tough guy to bring to the ground.
Grayson looks comfortable in the short- to mid-range passing game. He only had two incompletions, one of those an interception on a miscommunication with the receiver where he threw to one spot and the receiver went to another.
“The best thing I saw from Isaiah was after that interception he came right back and led the team downfield for a touchdown on the very next drive,” said Pioneer coach Tom Moore.
O-Line held up
With new starters up and down the offensive line, the Pioneers looked powerful at the point of attack. Jay Rozier was the most effective RB with a touchdown and a 20-yard snowplow of a run.
Most impressive to me is the Pioneers continually gained positive yards on the ground. During first-half action when the starters were in the game, Warren County only lost yardage on one running play. That led to favorable down and distance situations the whole first half.
Secondary woes
If not for three big passing plays, the Lincoln County first-team offense would have finished the first half with about a dozen yards. Those big plays proved to be the great equalizer, however, accounting for 125 yards on just three passes.
A 35-yard TD catch by the Lincoln County tight end was entirely too easy as he caught the ball in the middle of the field and faced little resistance on his way to the endzone. Likewise, it’s going to be difficult for Warren County to win if the defense routinely surrenders 70 yards on a simple post pattern.
Looking ahead
The Pioneers have a great opportunity to start the season with two wins at home against DeKalb County and then White County, especially if they continue their physical play on both sides of the ball.
Warren County is 6-6 against DeKalb County since this rivalry began in 2005. The Pioneers haven’t played White County the past two years, but the series has traditionally been close with Warren County winning six times and White County winning 10 times in their last 16 meetings.