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Warren Arts made a great choice with its decision to have showings of "9 to 5 the Musical" this weekend and the next.

As a proud product of the 1980s, with a little disco, Evel Knievel, Village People and "Happy Days" mixed in from the late 1970s, I loved the movie "9 to 5" starring the ageless Dolly Parton, now 75.

I sung along to the "9 to 5" theme and didn't realize the song climbed all the way to No. 1 on the charts till I was looking it up yesterday, along with Dolly Parton's age.

I don't feel like an old guy, but in talking about "9 to 5" around the office, some of the employees here at the newspaper never even heard about it and others weren't born when the film hit the big screen in 1980. Come to think of it, that was an awful long time ago and I was a young lad indeed.

It was an age of parachute pants and the rubik's cube, which some people could solve in a matter of minutes. Kids were pumping quarters into Pacman at the arcade and playing their Atari 2600 at home.

I guess it was a really long time ago because in 1980 we were only up to "Rocky II" and "Friday the 13th" was still on its first installment before its 11 sequels were released.

One thing that's always difficult to accomplish is to find entertainment that's enjoyable for a wide range of age groups. "Fun for the whole family" is a tricky term because few things are actually fun for the entire family.

I think Warren Arts and Park Theater do a great job of planning entertainment for a wide range of audiences. Those are the two biggest places for live entertainment in the county, save for the eight weeks of Main Street Live in June and July.

There seem to be a number of shows focused on appealing to young children and there are an abundance of shows more geared toward an adult audience.

The category where I think we're greatly lacking when it comes to entertainment options are shows that are geared toward our high school students and young adults in their mid-20s. I can say this with confidence because I have a high school student and a young adult in college and they aren't exactly lining up to see any of the live entertainment we have in Warren County.

The rapper known as Afroman was a big draw for them when he appeared at Smooth Rapids maybe three years ago, but outside of Afroman I can't think of any local shows they have wanted to see.

That's one reason why I stressed several years ago when the Park Theater Advisory Board was formed that it would be great to get a wide range of individuals on that board and to get high school students on that board to provide input on what the younger generation would like. Unfortunately that hasn't happened.

All this is a long way of saying I think our community does a great job of providing entertainment options for small children and for middle-aged adults, but there seems to be a hole for our older teens and our 20-somethings, people we want to attract and encourage to stay here.

Standard editor James Clark can be reached at 473-2191.