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The Scoop - There are several bad intersections
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The Standard office is located two blocks from the intersection where the motorcycle collided with the SUV just over two weeks ago, killing both riders on the motorcycle.

It was a horrible crash, the kind I won't forget. I admire the first-responders who can handle those situations because it's always tough for me, and I make sure to stay far away from the activity.

On Tuesday, Penelope Rogers urged city officials to do something about that intersection before someone else loses a loved one. 

Since that intersection is so close to the newspaper office, I am well familiar with it and can say I have just missed several close calls there myself. A flashing light or speed hump would be a wise idea, in my estimation.

Looking around town, there are several intersections which have caused me trouble for years. For some of these intersections, I don't think much can be done. But for others, like the Spring Street and Donnell Street intersection mentioned above, I think there's hope for improvement.

One spot I hate is the intersection leaving Kroger next to Wendy's. Sparta Street can be a busy road and difficult to turn onto with no other factors. But at this intersection leaving Kroger you have Wendy's traffic to your left and across the way you have traffic leaving the Health Department.

I have successfully trained myself to no longer use that intersection and I go to the traffic light any time I'm leaving the mall. 

The spot by Waffle House where you turn into Northgate Center can be a challenge. If you're making a left from The Strip, there are all kinds of challenges. 

In that same area, it's also nearly impossible to make a left if you're leaving Walgreen's. I've stopped trying and now drive around to exit by Krystal.

Downtown in general has its share of bad spots. I mentioned in a column about two months ago doing away with the one-way streets downtown and making all the streets two-way like the rest of the city.

By Hardee's and Tire Mart where the state recently placed reboundable delineators has always been bad. In all fairness, I think the plastic barriers have helped.

I really don't like the Morford Street intersection with Chancery Street in front of All O-K'sions. That's also close to the newspaper office and I travel it daily. Make sure no one is speeding down the hill before you pull out, even if you have the green light.

There's no way to eliminate all the problem spots on our roads and we might find ourselves creating more problems if we try too hard. Example: the city trying to change everything on Post Road because one resident complained. 

What would make me feel more comfortable on the road than anything else is if other motorists would stop tailgating 2 inches from my back bumper. When did that become such a thing? Can't you see there's another car right in front of me?

Standard editor James Clark can be reached at 473-2191.