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The Scoop - Halloween should always be on Saturday
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Change can be scary, especially around Halloween.

This year, with Oct. 31 once again falling on a Sunday, there’s the traditional confusion about when children should trick or treat.

My solution is simple. We should change Halloween from Oct. 31 and make it always fall on the last Saturday of October. It sounds radical, but hear me out.

Why should we always wonder what day Halloween will fall? The purpose is to dress up, hand out candy, and enjoy a leisurely night with perhaps a pot of chili and a few friends. Saturday is the perfect day for all this to take place.

Having Halloween on Saturday means it will never again fall on a school night. For a great many of us, it means there’s no work the next day. We can eat fun-sized Snickers till the wee hours of the night.

When thinking about the holidays we celebrate annually, a large number of them are fixed holidays that are always celebrated on the same exact date. Examples include Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and the Fourth of July.

But we also observe our share of floating holidays, meaning they are celebrated on a set day of the week instead of the same date.

Thanksgiving is always on a Thursday between Nov. 22 and Nov. 28.

Memorial Day is always observed the last Monday in May.

And Easter is perhaps the greatest floating holiday, recognized on a Sunday anywhere from March 22 till April 25.

Another of our floating days of celebration is Mother’s Day, which is always observed on the second Sunday in May. This is very appropriate because Sunday is a day of rest. Sunday is a time to spend with family. Sunday is an opportune time for mom to relax and enjoy her own special day.

Who would want Mother’s Day to fall on a Tuesday? It just wouldn’t seem right. There would be kids to wake up and rush off to school. For many moms, there would be work. Having Mother’s Day on Tuesday would hardly be a fitting tribute.

Fortunately, the holiday gods realized this and made sure Mother’s Day would always fall on a Sunday. Good move.

We should take the same step for Halloween and make it always fall on a Saturday. If such a policy were in place this year, we’d be celebrating Halloween on Oct. 30 instead of Oct. 31. No big deal.

The main thing to remember is holidays should be fun. We work all year so we can get to the Fourth of July and Christmas so we can enjoy our time with friends and family. Holidays should not be sandwiched in between school and bed time with a tiny window to soak in the festivities.

I say it’s time to unmask the confusion created by celebrating Halloween on Oct. 31 each year. Give Halloween the Saturday it deserves and make it the last Saturday in October. That will forever end the question of when to trick or treat and allow many families to brew up some all-day fun.

Standard editor James Clark can be reached at 473-2191.