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Re Porter = A story to remember
bethany porter

Sometimes I wonder why I do what I do, or why I even wanted to do this job in the first place. Like any job, I often get busy or have a bad day and forget that I love what I do. I love my job, and on Monday I was reminded why. 

Sometimes I get busy and just go through the motions. Now that I’m the news editor, I have a few more responsibilities and sometimes I don’t get to put as much care and attention into things like I used to. When I first started, I used to cut out every article I wrote and put it in a scrapbook. That lasted for about a month. Now, I write and read a lot of stories so sometimes I get desensitized to both good and bad things. I see people as story or picture opportunities and I don’t love that. 

One time, I was asked what my most memorable story was and I didn’t have an answer. I cover a lot of things and write a lot of stories, so I was confused as to why I didn’t have an immediate answer. To be fair, I have only been doing this for right under two years, but it bothered me at the time when I couldn’t come up with an answer.  

On Monday, the young boy who was in a four-wheeler accident came home from the hospital and his friends and family lined the street to welcome him home. I got to witness the love those people have for that boy and it was really touching. I really enjoyed covering that and I am grateful they let us know it was happening. This sweet homecoming reminded me why I love my job.

I get to be there and witness a lot of special moments in people’s lives. I have the ability to share these special moments with everyone who reads the paper. I get to literally document these special moments for people. 

I get so used to doing what I do, that I forget it is special for some people to be featured in the newspaper. Growing up, I was in the paper a lot for sports, clubs and things like that so I think I take for granted how special it is to be in the paper sometimes. It means a lot to some people and I think I often forget that when I run up to someone and ask if I can take their picture. 

I won’t lie, not all days are great. Sometimes I have to cover bad things. Sometimes people are downright rude to me. Sometimes I have really bad days, but knowing that sometimes people are kind and appreciate the work we do makes the bad days a little better. 

If someone was to ask me what my most memorable story was now, I would have an answer. The way the community came together for the young boy was really a sight to see, and I am thankful that it is my job to get to witness those things. 

My regularly scheduled complaining/snarky columns will resume next week for anyone put off by my mushy, thoughtful column today. 

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