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Re Porter - Spiders smaller than sharks
bethany porter

Why are most of us scared of spiders? I would guess that over 50% of us who are legitimately scared of spiders have never been bitten by one. I would also assume we are all much bigger than the spiders, but still we are scared. 

I started thinking about this after I went into a room of my house to get something and a decently sized black spider charged at me. I did the logical thing and yelled for my mother to come and kill it for me, but it made me wonder why I am so scared to kill spiders by myself. I am scared of spiders, but I was dumb enough to swim in the middle of the ocean with actual sharks and sting rays in Belize while not being a good swimmer (doggy paddle is my method of swimming) and after previously throwing up everything in my stomach the night before thanks to food poisoning. 

To give a little back story, I played soccer for Motlow my freshman and sophomore year of college and we were invited to come play their international team. My coach loves sharks so he found a snorkeling/swim with sharks kind of thing for us to do and we paid in advance. I am still not sure how he got Motlow to OK throwing nearly the entire soccer team in an ocean full of sharks and sting rays and who knows what else, but we did it. 

The whole team also got sick on this trip from food poisoning either from the ice in our drinks or the food they were giving us and it was not pleasant. The night before my snorkeling shark adventure I spent the night lying in the bathroom throwing up everything I had ever eaten, so I did not have any energy the next day. I had already paid to go snorkeling though, so my empty stomach and I went out in the ocean. 

I guess I was reasonably scared to go swim with sharks, but probably not as scared as I should have been. I mean a shark is much bigger and scarier than a spider, but if you were to ask me to get into a room with a few spiders my answer would be no. Nope. No thank you. 

I don’t even have a good reason to be scared of spiders. OK once I woke up, walked in the bathroom, looked in the mirror and one was literally on my neck. It was a pretty big one too and I freaked out. I just don’t like them. I would not last a day in Australia because they have the kind of spiders you can put leashes on and walk and I heard it literally rains spiders there. Instead of dew, people wake up to spiders and webs everywhere. 

When I lived alone I was terrified every time I had to take a shower, because spiders love the shower. I just have a fear of them running up my arm as I attempt to kill one and I don’t like it. I have even sprayed “spider killer” on them and all it does it make them damp and angry. 

I guess I will just be scared of spiders and yell for someone to kill them forever. I can swim with sharks, but I draw the line at being near spiders apparently. 

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