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Re Porter - Shut up and eat a funnel cake
bethany porter

If anyone was unaware, the fair was last week. I don’t know how you might have missed it with the countless pictures in the paper from it or the complaints on Facebook about it. Look, I am no stranger to complaining and I love to do it. I literally do it weekly in my column, but these fair complaints were really out of touch and very annoying. 

First of all, no one is forcing you to go to the fair. If you aren’t happy with the experience, you don’t have to go. I am not a diehard fairgoer. I literally would have been there one time this year for less than 10 minutes if I didn’t work at the paper. My yearly fair routine sees my mother dropping me off to grab a funnel cake and quickly picking me back up so we can enjoy the fried goodness from the comfort of the couch and without the stress of parking.

The complaints this year were never ending. Some complained about the lack of rides, the type of rides, the lines, the tickets and literally whatever else they could think to complain about. Some complained about there being too many kiddie rides and not enough teen rides, while others literally complained about the opposite. My only complaint is the lighting because it was super dark in some areas, but I saw plenty of rides. 

I don’t know what people were expecting with the fair rides. This was never going to be Disney World. Actually, people pay hundreds just to go to Disney World, stand in line for literal hours, and maybe ride five rides the entire day. The fair is free! Lines are just a part of the experience and I can’t imagine any lines lasting longer than 30 minutes. There have always been lines to get tickets on the special deal nights, so I found the complaints about that to be stupid. 

The people bashing the fair online are literally bashing multiple volunteers who worked really hard. Volunteers who work for FREE to try to make your fair experience fun. It’s a good thing I have zero say and am not on any fair board because if I was them I would start charging next year. Can you imagine working so hard just to have people bashing you every single day? It would be pretty disheartening and I would be charging people next time. Lucky for everyone it is not up to me.

The fair is much more than the rides. There are hundreds of other things to look at or do that don’t involve rides. Maybe all the people bashing the fair can go volunteer their time next year to try and improve it to their liking, but I know they won’t.

If you didn’t have a good time that’s fine, but you shouldn’t start bashing people online. How about next time, just eat your funnel cake and shut up. Or maybe some fried Oreos.  

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