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Re Porter - Scary movies stick with me
bethany porter

To quote Ghostface himself, “What’s your favorite scary movie?”

Since it’s October, scary movies are readily available both on cable and on multiple streaming services, and I for one can’t wait to freak myself out. Unfortunately I am the type of person who continues thinking about the scary movie long after I watch it. I know thinking the monster or bad guy from the movie I literally just watched is going to get me is very irrational, but I can’t help it.

My most recent example of being irrationally afraid is when I watched “The Grudge” a few months ago. For those who don’t know, the movie takes place in Tokyo and involves a cursed house. Anyone who interacts with the house gets affected by the curse and a spooky little demon boy or woman gets them. It’s weird, but Sarah Michelle Gellar stars in it and I love her, so I had to watch it. 

I was painting and watching this movie at the same time in an attempt to limit my fear. Unfortunately, I happened to look up during the silliest scene and it still scared me. One girl is being chased by the demon thing and she jumps in her bed and hides under her covers. First of all, that is a stupid decision, but that’s not the point. I look up exactly when she peeks under her covers and the demon is looking right back at her and gets her. 

Did I know there was not going to be a spooky demon lady under my covers when I went to sleep? Of course, but I still did a little demon check before bed. Ridiculous, I know. The movie wasn’t even that scary, just freaky. 

When I watched the new “Halloween” movie in 2018, I knew the likelihood of Michael Myers being in my apartment when I got back home was basically zero. I knew that, but I still got a little freaked out when I realized my closet was exactly the same as the one in the movie. I slept with the closet open that night. 

My main problem is that I can’t shut my brain off after watching these movies. I love watching them and most of them don’t affect me. I love the “Scream” movies and am never scared watching them, which is weird because the likelihood of a crazy killer I know getting me is far greater than, say, a demon from Tokyo. 

In a few weeks I will literally be paying to be scared when I go see “Halloween Kills.” I am fully aware it is fictional and will try my best not to think about the masked killer after the movie, but something tells me I probably will. At least with Michael Myers, I know he is a slow walker and I like my chances of outrunning him. I am less confident in my ability to outrun a spooky little grudge demon. I’ll stick to slashers and leave the supernatural horror to the stronger minded. 

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