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Re Porter - Ready for fall
bethany porter

I am ready for cold weather, if that even exists anymore. I am over sweating to death. It is so hot I had to buy a desk fan the other day because plain AC doesn’t cut it anymore. I am tired of covering events and leaving drenched in sweat; however, I did learn my lesson from last year and have added less all-black outfits and more light and airy things to my wardrobe. 

I have been attempting to start walking more for an entire month and every time I consider it, the heat reminds me why the couch and TV are my friend. Even the pool is unenjoyable in these volcanic temperatures. What should be a nice refreshing dip in the pool turns into a hot tub experience really quick. My super pale skin is like a magnet to this angry sun and I always get sunburnt when I try to swim. My sister turns golden after being in the sun. I look like a snake shedding its skin. It is unfortunate. 

We recently had some trees cut down at my house that were near my bathroom, so now there is no buffer from the sun to my bathroom window. My window is circular and does not have blinds on it so I had to thumbtack a pillowcase over the window just to keep from melting when I get ready in the mornings. It looks silly, but is affective. 

Fall is just the best season. Hopefully global warming, climate change, or whatever is going on doesn’t mess up my fall experience too much. I miss wearing humongous sweatshirts and being able to drink coffee without needing a fan. Halloween is also in the fall, and is my favorite holiday. I have already starting buying things for my costume and I am only slightly ashamed about that. Spooky movies play all season long, a new “Halloween” movie is coming out this year, and it is just hands down the best season. 

I also love snow, but not necessarily being out in it against my will. I don’t exactly understand how climate change, global warming, or whatever we have going on works, but I think winters are potential worse because of it. I am not looking forward to that. 

This past winter made me realize I was officially a grown up because I had to put my big girl snow boots on and come to work even when it was snowing. I even covered a wreck in the snow last year and did not dress for snow and nearly shivered to death on the side of the road. I keep a winter coat in my car at all times now.

Last year was also my first year not being in school, and I did miss the everything is canceled because of snow thing. Zoom calls kind of screwed up school snow days over the past few years, but I got to stay home nonetheless. News doesn’t stop for snow, it actually ironically causes more news. 

My countdown is on for sweatless days. There are officially 89 days until Halloween!

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