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Re Porter - Pets require care. Who knew?
bethany porter

Do some people not realize that when they get a pet they have to take care of it? I mean common sense should kick in, but according to the many Facebook posts about rehoming pets, dumped animals and neglected pets I don’t think this is common knowledge. If you aren’t in a position to care for a pet, don’t get one!

Taking care of a pet is a lot of work. I don’t enjoy doing that work, so guess what? I am not getting a pet anytime soon. I have dog sat for my sister about three times now for about a week each time and I learned I don’t want to do that for the rest of my life. I love the dog, but it is not for me. I recognize my unwillingness to care for a pet, so I won’t subject a pet to a crappy life because I use common sense.

People who get a dog and leave them on a chain or rope for their entire life baffle me. If that’s your idea of being a pet owner, please do everyone a favor and don’t get one. 

Making a decision to get a pet should come with the knowledge that you will have to care for it. I have seen so many posts lately from people needing to rehome pets for whatever reason. I’ve seen some claiming the pet doesn’t get along with another pet, the owner is having financial problems, or whatever. You think of an excuse, I bet I’ve seen it. You would think they would have thought of these potential problems before owning a pet, but that is obviously not the case. I understand things happen, but come on. 

Pets continue to be dumped by owners who no longer want them and there seem to be no consequences. Owners also don’t spay and neuter their pets resulting in a bunch of strays running around which is also a problem. Horrible people continue to get away with doing horrible things because there aren’t any consequences. 

Our animal control is also a huge problem. I would say our county should be embarrassed by it, but clearly they are based on its hidden location. Don’t get me wrong, the staff and volunteers are doing their best and it’s not their fault. You can’t really fix that shelter and a new one should have been in the works years ago. I wish our county would try a little harder to make it better, but I don’t know if that will ever happen. 

Awards and recognitions for volunteers and staff are cool and all, but I think they would prefer some proper funding instead. We can purchase new courtroom carpet, awnings, and do paving projects, but we can’t put anything toward animal control? Cool. 

If you haven’t been to animal control, you really should go just to take in how crazy of a situation it is over there. Animals just don’t go away because you ignore them so the very least a pet owner can do is care for them. 

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