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Re Porter - Learn how to drive thru
bethany porter

Can drive-thru etiquette be included on all future driving tests? While we’re at it, can driving tests be like a yearly requirement too because I think a lot of people have forgotten how to drive. 

I will go through a drive thru occasionally because in theory it is a quick and easy process. Simple drive-thrus don’t usually make me mad because everyone knows what to do for the most part. Usually my biggest complaint in single lane drive-thrus is when people don’t pull up as far as they can especially when cars are hanging out in the middle of the road. I’m not saying hit the car in front of you, but a six foot gap is not necessary in a drive-thru line. 

A two lane drive-thru is a whole different problem. As everyone should know, if your lane orders before the other lane you get to pull ahead first. It is so simple, but everyone seems to want to be first and not follow that rule. 

I witnessed this at McDonalds the other day when the person in my lane was waiting for the line to move so they could pull ahead and the person in the other lane who literally just finished ordering decided to pull ahead and block the first person. This selfish act most likely messed with the order of the orders and resulted in confusion. If you order second, you have to wait. Just because the line starts moving it does not mean it’s your turn. 

Someone also tried to do this to me. I finished ordering and pulled forward and waited for the line to move. The line started to move and the person in the second lane who ordered after me tried to go before me, but I kept inching out because it was my turn and got to go first. Since the guy earlier messed with the line order by passing, I got to watch my large iced caramel coffee get handed to the person in front of me and also got to watch my coffee get handed back to the person at the window. Awesome. I just love when everyone handles my food, especially in a pandemic. 

A two lane drive-thru is not rocket science. I know that usually when someone goes through a drive-thru they are hungry and in a hurry, but that doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want. My complaints seem kind of pointless because I think this will just be something that always happens. 

Driving should also not be rocket science, but it is for some people. To get to work every morning I have to drive downtown and every morning someone makes me mad. No one knows what they are doing downtown! People are still stopping at the white traffic delineators (the big white stick things past Hardees) when they are supposed to just keep going which is annoying. 

I pass Hardees to get to work and lately people have just decided to pull out in front of me too. I know they are probably excited for the biscuit they no doubt bought, but is a wreck worth it? 

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