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Re Porter - I have a new fave holiday
bethany porter

I have a new favorite holiday. This year I learned that the day after Christmas is just as magical as Christmas morning. 

Yes, Dec. 26 is a new day I will look forward to. I usually skip out on the Walmart trips with my mom, but this year I was off and figured, why not? I have really been missing out. All things Christmas were 50 percent off! I was in heaven. 

Did I need a humongous gingerbread house, donut, cupcake and candy cane ornaments? Of course I did. These ornaments are like triple the size of a regular ornament and were less than $2. I love a good deal. 

We also got so much wrapping paper. Some we got for as little as 40 cents. I got a back massager cushion for $4, a hair brush kit for $2, mystery Marvel ornaments for $2 and a C-3PO and R2D2 ornament for $6. It was truly magical. 

I shouldn’t have been shocked at the amount of people at Walmart, but oh my goodness everyone and their brother was there clearing the shelves. I had one lady completely jump in front of me trying to grab a half priced table cloth. An “excuse me” goes a long way, FYI. 

We also looked at pre-lit garland and grabbed a couple of boxes and one woman rudely asked if we left any. First come, first served, lady, but yes we did in fact leave some behind. I mean how much pre-lit garland does one person need? 

I usually can’t stand when people are running around stores without any sense, but for some reason this was different. I think crazy shoppers are just a part of my newly found holiday. For instance, I was livid when I went shopping a few weeks ago and people with carts kept expecting me to move when they were the ones who were the issue. I am aware that I get annoyed easily, but I shouldn’t have to accommodate for everyone who has a cart. However, on Dec. 26, I had a different attitude. 

Dec. 26 is not a holiday for everyone. We went to at least three different stores hunting for deals and I went home with a lot of things I didn’t necessarily need, but that’s what this holiday is all about. It’s not for the weak because it is essentially the new Black Friday. You have to be able to throw some elbows if you want to get the good ornaments. 

I’m kidding, no elbows were thrown, at least not by me. I think everyone should try this holiday next year. No one goes because they necessarily need an eight-inch dessert themed ornament or 10 rolls of wrapping paper, we go for the thrill.

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