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Re Porter - Hit and run
bethany porter

I learned two things last week. One: I would be absolutely useless if I witnessed a serious crime, and two: the absolute worst place to hit someone’s car and drive away is at the Warren County Administration Building because they literally have your car’s information. 

I had a meeting to go to last Thursday at that building and parking was limited. There was a space in between a regularly parked truck and a car that was parked horribly and right on the line if not over it. I pulled in and had to straighten my car a few times before I was perfectly in the lines and far enough (or so I thought) from the cars next to me. 

I was waiting in my car before going in because I got there early when the lady who parked badly got into her car. I only had time to think “I hope she doesn’t hit me,” when she started backing out, turned too early, and continued to hit the back of my car while she backed the rest of the way out. She then put the car in drive and slowly drove away. Her window was down so she definitely should have heard that she hit me. I also got out of my car as soon as it happened and said something like, “Hey you hit my car!”

A few commissioners were waiting to get in the building and it was loud enough that they came over to see if she hit my car and said I should probably call the police so I called 911. A witness also watched the whole thing. My car was only scratched (a big scratch), but the point is she should have stopped.

When I called 911, I suddenly forgot nearly everything about the incident despite it just happening. I mean she didn’t even speed away she literally just drove off so I could have definitely looked at her license plate, but did I? Nope. 

I think I was so shocked that she hit my car I forgot literally everything crime shows and movies taught me. I couldn’t even positively remember if the car was light grey or tan. All I could tell her was the lady who hit me was an older white lady with short hair in a possible tan or light gray car. It was ridiculous how little I paid attention.

Someone told me they thought she had just left the County Clerk’s office where, surprise, they have your car’s registration. While waiting for the police, I was handed this lady’s car registration so when the officer got there I had a little of the work already done for him because I now knew exactly who hit me. 

The next day the detective said they went to her house and she is hard of hearing and she didn’t think she hit anything. Personally, I think if you can’t feel or hear your vehicle hit another vehicle then maybe you shouldn’t be driving. 

What if one day she runs over a person and doesn’t realize it? She may have just given my car a big scratch, but it is dangerous that she didn’t notice.

So if you are a horrible driver who frequently hits and runs, the worst place you could do that is the Warren County Administration Building. 

Better yet, let’s just be better drivers and not hit and run at all. 

Standard reporter Bethany Porter can be reached at 473-2191.