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Re porter - Dealing with bad drivers
bethany porter

It seems like no one knows how to drive anymore. Every time I go somewhere I find myself yelling, from the comfort of my car, at a person for driving badly.

I hardly ever beep my horn at people, but I will beep my horn if we are at a red light, the light turns green, and you sit there for more than five seconds. Especially at the red lights that are only green for 10 seconds. 

I was headed to Murfreesboro a few weeks ago and I was at the point in the road where it merges into one lane. Typically, it is not an issue for all cars to merge into the one lane. 

This time, I was next to a car and there was a FedEx van a ways behind it. We came to the point where the lanes merge into one and since the car beside me was a little ahead of me, they got to go in front of me. That is how it works! The FedEx van, however, decided he wanted to be in front of me too. 

The car had just pulled ahead of me when the FedEx van sped up and passed me on the shoulder after the road had already merged into one lane. I blew my horn at the van as it continued to speed up the hill. 

Personally, I do not see a purpose in potentially causing a wreck just to be in front of someone, but I must just be different I guess. 

Sometimes work vehicles have a number to call to report how they are driving. Since the FedEx van made me mad, I decided to call the number if I ever caught up to the speeding vehicle, but that van was out of sight. They had to be going at least 70 mph or faster on the 55 mph hill. Nevertheless I was persistent in my pursuit of the aggressive FedEx driver. 

When I got into Woodbury, I could finally see the van. I always find it funny when a vehicle goes out of its way to pass me and then we end up at the same red light or something a few minutes later kind of making the excessive speeding unnecessary.

I finally catch up to the van at a red light in Woodbury and see a phone number on it. I call it, but unfortunately it was just the number to call to inquire about FedEx packages. The garbage FedEx driver got away with his road misconduct and lived to cut someone off another day. 

Along with not passing people on the shoulder for no reason, another thing drivers should know is that turn signals are put in vehicles for a reason. I cannot even express how many times a car has just dead stopped in front of me and then turned without a turn signal. It is rude and dangerous. 

Also time changed and it gets dark earlier now. Turn your headlights on! These are just a few of the things I have noticed while driving.

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