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Re Porter - Congrats WC
bethany porter

Congratulations Warren County. I did the impossible and actually found drivers worse than the ones here. Over the weekend I went to Nashville for the Titans game and, wow, do they make some of the drivers here look like professionals. 

First of all, I am not an avid Nashville goer. This was my first official Titans game because I like my money and I like my couch, but I got a good deal and decided to go with my dad. My dad drove us down there and we ended up in a parking garage near the Four Seasons Hotel. More on that fun situation later.

Parking at the stadium was impossible without a pass, but I think that would have been one of the worst places to park due to the herd of people coming out of the stadium at once. I witnessed someone attempting to back out of a space while the hoard of people was coming out of the stadium. This person proceeded to literally bump a pedestrian with their car and then acted like it didn’t happen. 

We then get to the parking garage and it was so unfortunate. When the game ended, we left and went to get our car, but this was a serious rookie mistake on our parts because everyone else was also trying to leave Nashville at the same time. This means everyone who parked in that garage was now also trying to leave. 

It was madness. We did not move for a solid 30 minutes. During this time, people kept trying to pull out or back out into the line that was not moving. Obviously that didn’t really work. A Bengals fan ended up being the one causing all the problems. Apparently this person was driving the wrong way in the garage, holding everyone up. Once that genius got out of the way, we were finally on our way. 

The drivers on the interstate were also horrendous. There were cars flying and passing everyone only to end up not going anywhere faster than the cars they passed. One of my favorite experiences while driving is when a driver seems to be in such a rush and passes me only for us to end up at the exact same red light.

I complain about the drivers in Warren County, specifically the drivers downtown, a lot and for good reason, but the people in Nashville were really giving y’all a run for your money. I am also proud to say that we still have the delineators (big white pole things) near Hardees because no one has wiped them out yet. That is really something to be proud of. 

It has also been a minute since I have seen a car driving the wrong way downtown. This deserves to be celebrated. I think we as a town need one of those signs that reads “0 days without incident,” and place it downtown to keep track of how long we can actually do what we are supposed to do while driving. I think we could at least go two days without a problem. Maybe.   

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