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Re Porter - Adulting is a scam
bethany porter

I’ve decided that being an adult is a scam. Actually, being an adult in America is a scam. There are so many silly little rules and things that we just accept as the way things are. 

I have always had a thing against credit. I have no credit. Credit is important because you need it for a lot of things like being preapproved for a house. I spoke to someone at a bank a while ago about starting the application process to see if I could be preapproved for a home. When I was speaking to her, she asked about credit. I told her I didn’t think I had any credit and she said she would look into it. A few days later I got the funniest voicemail saying, “You were right. You have no credit whatsoever.” 

I rented two different apartments for four years and always paid on time. You would think the reliable payments and the fact I was a great tenant would give me credit, or at least that’s how I thought things should work. Nope. I rented for four years and it got me nothing. I also learned I don’t ever want to rent again if I don’t have to because instead of renting, I can just pay house payments. 

Speaking of houses, these houses for sale in town are ridiculous. I am looking for a reasonable house, nothing too elaborate, and I can’t find one that isn’t over $200,000. People are out here asking for $150,000 for literal shacks. Shacks that are falling apart. Shacks that are probably worth less than $50,000. It is rough out here for the future homeowners. 

Houses going for nearly $200,000 plus are super outdated too. So, if you paid that for the house, you would have to pay even more to fix it up. I’ve seen many houses online with wood panel walls, wild carpet and ugly wallpaper. I’m sorry if you’re a fan of any of that.

I keep being told the housing market is going to crash, but at this point I don’t think it ever will.

Healthcare is also a scam. If you don’t have insurance, then you are pretty much out of luck. Some people who don’t have insurance just don’t go to the doctor when they need to and it is sad. In the UK, healthcare is a right and not a privilege. I watched a video where an American woman moved to the UK and had a baby in a hospital and she didn’t have to pay a lot, if anything. People in America are hesitant to even call an ambulance when they need one because it costs a literal fortune to ride in one. 

I have pretty great insurance, but when I was like 15 and went to the ER when I passed out, all they did was draw my blood and my parents had to pay $500 just for my visit. I also went to a chiropractor a few months ago and, somehow, it was cheaper to pay out of pocket instead of using insurance. It is all so unnecessarily confusing. 

Some of the things I talked about probably make perfect sense to some, but I am 23 and just starting out and I personally think it all sucks. 

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