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Peterson's practice growing along with his family
Medleys inside
Medleys Market opened Monday in Irving College and is already drawing a crowd with its breakfast and lunch menu. Pictured, from left, are Lillian Wanamaker, Sam Medley and Jay Medley. For call-in orders, the number is 815-8866.
Since Dr. Jeff Peterson moved to Warren County a little more than four years ago, his family has grown from six children to eight. While Dr. Peterson may need more room in his house, he’s not going to need more room at the office after he moves into his spacious new building on Sparta Highway.Dr. Peterson has purchased Dr. Del Valle’s old office and he’s renovating the entire facility. His plans are to move to his new location in early January and open Pinnacle Orthopaedics.A complete remodeling effort has been taking place inside and out since Dr. Peterson bought the building in September.