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Our drivers are bad, and have guns
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We have some of the worst drivers here in Warren County.

Yes, I said it. I have three instances in the same number of weeks to back up my declaration.

I stopped by Walmart about three weeks ago for one item and took a right onto North Chancery Street. As is my custom, I’m jamming and singing in my car to the radio. My car is my relaxation time. It was 35 degrees outside, so anything that makes you happy as you slowly freeze to death is a must.

My happiness ended at the next intersection. I pulled up behind a car waiting at a red light. As I’m sitting there, the driver gets out of his car. Like a scene from the Wild West, the driver slings the right side of his coat back exposing a gun holstered on his side and he grabs it. As he walked, his hand left the gun but the threat was clear and understood.

He demanded to know why I blew my horn at him. I hadn’t touched my horn and that’s what I told him.
In fact, I didn’t even hear a horn. My music was up. I didn’t turn it down until he exited his vehicle.
I asked him why he’s scaring me with his gun. Then, I showed him my cellphone and told him I’m calling 911. He left.

Sadly, my efforts did me zero good. The district attorney’s office declined to prosecute Mr. Gunslinger, because the incident did not reach the level to be considered assault. When the investigator called to tell me, I was shocked. Apparently, the law falls on the side of gun owners and not unarmed people.

If I had a gun and felt that same fear (I shook for hours and had two panic attacks), that incident could have ended badly. He was old enough to have children. That could have been a terrible Christmas for them. He really needs to understand that his actions could someday get him killed, but I guess he’s on his own. According to the law, so am I and so are you.

Incident two was about a week and a half ago. A driver ran a red light at a busy intersection of Red Road and Highway 70S and came within inches of hitting my driver’s side. Drivers to his left and right had stopped. He did not. After he slammed on his brakes, he was either yelling at me or the woman with him. One of us should have smacked him.

Incident three was a few days ago. I topped one of the first hills on Viola Road to find a car coming at me. The driver was passing a vehicle on a hill and crossed a double yellow line. I swerved just in time to avoid having a head-on collision. 

Three driving incidents in three weeks. I’m feeling like a target for terrible drivers. My nerves can’t take much more.

Standard reporter Lisa Hobbs can be reached at 473-2191.