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One Good Thing - What does our community need?

On Monday night, I opened Facebook to be presented with the Chic-fil-A logo sprawled across my screen and promises of a branch opening here in little ol’ McMinnville.

I was immediately skeptical because there had been no whispers about it prior to this “announcement” so I wrote it off as false. Turns out it WAS fake. April Fool’s Day was upon us, after all. It got me to thinking, though. What would I like to see in McMinnville?

Here are my top 5 things I want to see:

• English pub-style restaurant

I would love it if we got some pub-style restaurants. The atmosphere is half the fun of eating somewhere other than home, and I just love the environment these provide. The Celtic Cup in Tullahoma is one of my favorite places but I wish I didn’t have to drive an hour to get there. This one’s on the top of my list because I really want to see this in McMinnville and I think the college-goers as well as most anyone could enjoy this.

• A place to relax while you read

Heaven on earth might not exist but I think a coffee shop with a generous lounge area for people to read or work studiously at their laptops would be as close as we’ll get. There’s nothing better than enjoying some coffee on a rainy day while you read a book or just relax with some friends.

• Public agility course for dogs

I can’t leave our four-legged pals out of this. A public agility course would be great for those who don’t have the space to set one up at home or don’t want to lug that equipment to the dog park only to collapse it again when they leave. Having a public one would be an asset to give dog owners all over the county a new way to bond with the dog in their life.

• Golden Corral

I can’t think of any reason why Golden Corral wouldn’t do well in McMinnville. It’d be a hit for the crowds after church and big groups looking for varied offerings in cuisine.

• Escape room/murder mystery tours

Escape rooms and interactive murder mystery games are on the rise in popularity. The Murder at the Mansion is one event I’ve yet to get a chance to go to but the premise is pretty cool. You’re basically playing a game of Clue and having to figure out who “murdered” someone. Escape rooms, on the other hand, are also mystery-based and fold in lots of puzzles and some themes from haunted trails or houses. How cool would it be to have something like that here?

I’m not going to hold my breath for us to get any of this, but I’m hoping maybe a little birdy will land on all the right shoulders and stir some inspiration.

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