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My Turn 3-6
Let American voters decide
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Now that Super Tuesday has come and gone, the hype from both parties continues to heighten. To see and hear the politicians and pundits rant and rave 24/7 on TV and social media, you’d think the 2016 race for the White House is shaping up as a biblical battle between the forces of good and evil.The internecine warfare within the GOP is now a fierce fight between the so-called “Establishment Republicans” and the upstart “Outsiders,” most notably millionaire mogul Donald Trump. As the herd of presidential hopefuls has thinned from 17 to five as of this writing, and likely four by press time, the plot has thickened with a vengeance, especially when it comes to trying to derail the “Trump Train.”Mitt Romney is the latest establishment Republican to trash Trump.

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