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Moore Thoughts - Tracing ancestry is fascinating
taylor moore

Ancestry and genealogy are things my grandmother on my father’s side and I have bonded over for a long time. She has done so much research to find out who we may be related to, where our distant relatives are and where we come from. It’s been a passion of hers that I have always taken an interest in.

Even as a child, I would read the names of my great-great-great-great-great (I’m not sure where the greats end) grandparents. One of whom I discovered a couple years ago which I found interesting was of Native American descent, my grandmother Mourning Hogg. That was her name. There are claims of indigenous genes on my mother’s side, but I am not too sure I believe that anymore. 

Now, when I do my own research of all the surnames in my family, the origins all point toward England or Scotland. Based on this, I assumed that I was probably from there. I took it upon myself to try one of those DNA kits where you spit in a glass and send it to some scientist somewhere to try and piece together a rough guess as to where your family came from.

This was kind of a lengthy process, though. I sent the kit in April, and I just now got my results. I was shocked.

Turns out, I have been told that I am 47% English and Northwestern European. This came to no surprise from my own research. 

In addition, I reportedly have 24% Scottish genetics. With the added 17% and 5% of Irish and Welsh respectively, 93% of my entire lineage comes from just two islands right next to each other. Many people are a great mix of European, but I might as well be part of the royal family.

To find out how diverse I am not is one, hilarious, and two, impressive. Of all the different directions bloodlines can go, mine has remained from one general area. With small amounts of Sweden, Germany and European Jewish, I was shocked to know that I have not one scratch of Native American. I thought maybe 1% could be, but no. The question remains, who is Mourning Hogg?

I did find out that my grandfather has 1% Nigerian blood, but that might be a mess up in the system. Maybe there’s a small fraction of Native American in me but probably not.

Either way, it was a cool experiment to do. With that, I did pay money to find out mostly what I already knew. I encourage others to try the DNA testing, but at the end of the day, the most interesting thing was finding random people that I have a DNA match with.

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