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Moore Thoughts - Picking Survivor
taylor moore

I’ve got some non-fair content to share. I may be a bit “faired out” and would like to discuss another topic. Specifically, reality television. And yes, there are spoilers in this.

Big Brother ends soon and Survivor starts this week. I won’t say much about Big Brother 24 except that I am glad Taylor Hale and Matthew Turner have made it so far, and I hope Taylor wins (she is in the finale, so fingers crossed). I also have to mention The Challenge USA that features contestants from Big Brother and Survivor and that its finale was absolutely terrible; except I do like one of the eventual winners in Danny McCray (yes, the Dallas Cowboy).

Now to get to what I really want to talk about, Survivor 43. Like many in the pandemic, I took that time at home to binge all 40 seasons of Survivor after watching the 41st season live. After the binge, Survivor 42 aired, which was one of my favorite seasons so far.

The cast of season 43 was dropped recently, and I have so many thoughts. But just know that I will be talking about these players like an NFL draft. I need my winner pick in writing so I have proof if I am right at the end of the season. I will choose 3 potential winners, one from each tribe, out of the 18 possible winners. 

My first pick is Jesse Lopez of the Vesi tribe from North Carolina. I mean, the man studies voting behavior and is on a television show where you vote people off. Plus, he was in a gang when he was younger, and I think that kind of struggle would help him in this social game. He is a favorite among Survivor fans already, so I feel good picking him.

My second pick is Elie Scott on the Baka tribe. The Utah psychologist gives me very good vibes going into the game, but I am not as confident in this pick or in this tribe as a whole. I have multiple picks in the other tribes that might go above her, but I wanted to at least pick one from each to give myself the best chances of finding the winner.

I think I am putting a lot of chips in for Scott because of her work with veterans with PTSD. She also put a lot of emphasis on being a “connector” in her relationships, and I think she may have a strong social game that could take her to the top.

My final pick is Karla Godoy of the Coco tribe. The 28-year-old Delaware native just gives me winner vibes. She may be my number one pick to win because she credits herself with being a great eavesdropper. We have seen some of the greats using eavesdropping tactics to win, in particular Sandra Diaz-Twine and Tony Vlacchos who are the only two winners that have won twice. 

Godoy also seems cool and won’t be seen as a huge threat physically, but I think she will be a strategic and social threat. If I only had to choose one, she would be it, but Lopez is close behind. I think Scott is my dark-horse pick as I am still unsure about her. What I am sure about is Survivor 43 has a fun cast.

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